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What type of account holds my donation before it is distributed to a charity?

Your contributions are sent to a donor-advised fund, also known as a giving fund.  A giving fund works much like a charitable checking account.  The fund's assets are allocated in an investment pool composed of a diverse collection of equity funds, index funds, bonds, and other holdings.  Individuals make gifts to the fund which are 100% tax-deductible.  These gifts are then distributed as grants to charities once the funding goal for a particular event is reached.  By housing donations in a giving fund, Jackets for Atlanthropy ensures that your donations are never accessible to any one individual.  The only way dollars are able to leave the account are via grants to vetted charities. 

When I clicked to make a donation, I was taken to a different website.  Is that supposed to happen?

Yes.  When you click the 'donate' button you will be taken to a page that looks like this:

Screen Shot 2022-04-15 at 8.33.20 AM.png

From there, fill out the form in order to complete your donation.  After donating you will receive an emailed receipt for your records.


Of note, the National Christian Foundation (NCF), is a non-profit organization pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. Your donation to NCF or another 501(c)(3) organization may qualify for an income tax deduction in accordance with Federal and/or state income tax laws. Please consult with your tax advisor to determine how deductions related to your gift apply to your unique circumstance and qualifications. Nothing in this communication is intended to constitute legal or tax advice.

Why has Jackets for Atlanthropy chosen NCF to house its giving fund?

Headquartered in the Atlanta area, the National Christian Foundation (NCF) is a Christian organization that supports a wide variety (upwards of 71,000) of both faith-based and secular charities.  Because of their religious affiliation, NCF does place some restrictions on what charities they will allow grants to, but those restrictions are minimal and generally do not apply to the purposes of our mission.  For instance, NCF already lists the following Atlanta-based organizations among their approved charities:

Charity Partners.PNG

NCF doesn't allow grants to a charity that conflicts with what they define as 'Christian values'.  However, none of the Atlanta area charities we are looking to partner with thus far would fall into this category.

Jackets for Atlanthropy did consider other types of giving fund options because we did not have a particular aim to partner with a religiously-associated fund, but as of yet, we have not identified any other giving funds that possess comparable user-friendly features and established charity relationships.

Do the leadership and staff at Jackets for Atlanthropy have a particular religious affiliation?

No.  Although our giving fund is housed by a religious organization, our team is not defined or restricted by any faith or religious associations.  It is important to note that while many charitable organizations in Atlanta are indeed faith-based, our goal is not to direct funds or projects toward a particular religious community.  Moreover, we will not support any charities that pressure their clients towards a certain faith or require any religious conformation or conversion in order to receive services from that charity.

What portion of my donation goes towards student-athletes as compensation for their work at a charity activity?

That portion will vary depending on the project.  Some projects will be structured such that the charity has minimal cost to arrange the event, and in these cases, the charity may be able to use all the donated funds or nearly all the funds to compensate participating athletes.  In other cases, the charity may need to pay a facility fee or purchase supplies for the event.  In this circumstance, the charity will need to retain a larger portion of the donation.  Jackets for Atlanthropy does not sign a contract with charities about the compensation provided to athletes for their work.  When planning events, Jackets for Atlanthropy will discuss with the charity many items such as venue, promotion, supplies, scheduling, and which athletes may be best suited for a given project.  However, the final decision regarding which athletes participate and how much they are compensated for their involvement is between the charity and the athletes with oversight from the Georgia Tech Athletic Association to ensure compliance.  Our aim is to have no less than an average of 90% of donated dollars go towards student-athlete compensation.  We will update the website with more information on the actual portion of contributions that have been distributed to athletes once more events take place.

What if I already have a donor-advised fund and wish to donate through it?

For donors who would like to contribute via their own giving fund, we may be able to accommodate a fund to fund transfer.  Please contact us to discuss further details about this process.

Is Jackets for Atlanthropy a booster club?

No.  It is a website that allows Atlanta charities, Georgia Tech student-athletes, and sports fans the opportunity to connect and collaborate with each other.  Jackets for Atlanthropy is independent of, and not affiliated with, Georgia Tech or the Georgia Tech Athletic Association.  Athlete involvement in events organized by Jackets for Atlanthropy is for current student-athletes only, not prospective student-athletes.  Participation is voluntary and is neither tied to pay-for-play nor is it an inducement to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Are my donations at risk if the market experiences a downturn?

Our goal is for your contributions to spend minimal time in the giving fund because we want your dollars to go to our partnering charities and, subsequently, participating student-athletes as soon as possible.  However, because scheduling and arranging a charity event is not an instantaneous process, there will be some time interval between when your gift arrives in the giving fund and when it is granted to a charity.  Rather than sitting idle in a checking account, a giving fund affords your donations the opportunity to accrue value.  Jackets for Atlanthropy has selected a modest-risk option for its fund allocation which means that there is minimal risk of depreciation and significant opportunity for modest growth while in the giving fund.  For more information on the giving fund's investment allocation, visit

What happens to the dollars in the giving fund if there is a change in NIL rules or some other reason Jackets for Atlanthropy is no longer able to accomplish its mission?

We don't expect this to occur, but in the event we are no longer able to use giving fund dollars in the manner outlined on this website, the remaining giving fund balance will be donated to Georgia Tech Athletic's Alexander Tharp Fund which is an approved charity per NCF.

I was contacted by NCF with questions about my giving.  Is that a problem?

NCF routinely contacts a portion of donors with questions about their giving as they monitor the status of their accounts and seek to comply with charitable contribution guidelines.  This does not necessarily indicate any problem with your donation or the giving fund.  Jackets for Atlanthropy has worked closely with NCF to set up the giving fund, and if you have any comments, questions, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.